Pubsub, SEO and the MOD from Webmasterworld

I am an SEO consultant and in 2008 I had a seo project that had its content scrapped and 2/3s of it’s traffic was lost. So to be on the safe side we called in the late SEO guru Ted Ulle, he was an SEO pioneer (Google data center watching almost became a sport for SEO’s in that time).

I learnt many of my search engine optimisation skill sets from the late Ted Ulle (Tedster) and Eric Ward, who I was fortunate enough to haveĀ  SEO training with. I will be forever grateful to the both of them.

So we had a problem so we flew Ted to Las Vegas to meet up with Matt Cutts at one of the many well known search engine optimisation events. Matt Cutts saved the day, he was unbeknownst to us a secret fan of the home theater site.

The answer to our website’s traffic loss (an SEO consultant conundrum) was Pubsubhubbub, our content was being copied via the feed and google was finding the content on someone else’s site first and giving credit to them (We were told to put a delay in our feed and use Pubsubhubbub).

Once we installed Pubsubhubbub and put the feed delay in place the ownership and credit of any new content that was created would come to us. Unfortunately the old content credit/ownership never came back, so we updated/changed much of the content which made the content unique again.